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E-commerce is on the rise. Merchants are looking to setup online businesses to reach a wider audience. However, setting up an online merchant account is necessary in order to run a successful online business. Moreover, PCI compliance and ensuring online safety are also aspects that need to be considered. North east Security Services Foundation aims to help merchant bankers in setting up and securing their online businesses.     

Making Online Merchant Banking a Safer Proposition for All

North East Security Services Foundation is an online banking services provider based in the UK. We provide online merchant banking services to aspiring online entrepreneurs. Whether you are looking to setup an online merchant account or want to achieve PCI compliance for your online business, we can help you in making online merchant banking an easier and safer proposition for you. 

Why Do Business with Us

We have established ourselves as one of the best providers of online security services for merchant banking services in the UK. The following are the features that have made us stand out from our competitors.


Merchant Services

We offer the best merchant services to our clients. Setting up a merchant account with us is a simple and easy procedure that can be completed with consummate ease. We make sure that you don’t have to wait to setup your merchant account. 

Online Payment Security Services

Our online payment security services are the best in the business. We make use of the latest firewalls and security software to ensure that our clients don’t have to face issues regarding credit card security. 

Qualified Online Security Experts

We have highly qualified online security experts working for us who know the online security industry inside out. They make sure that your online business remains safe from hackers all the time.

PCI Compliance

We consider PCI compliance very important for online businesses. We provide services for PCI compliance to online merchants. You can achieve PCI compliance with ease by utilizing this service of ours. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients the safest and best online merchant services that help them in setting up successful online businesses. We do our utmost to achieve this mission by continuously improving our online payment security services and making upgrades to our firewalls and online security software to maintain PCI compliance. 

 Our Philosophy

Our philosophy has always remained to make online banking as safe and secure as possible. We are aware of the concerns that people and merchants have regarding online banking. This is why we have come up with stringent and effective online security measures to ensure that our clients remain safe from instances of online fraud.

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If you are a merchant or are thinking about becoming an online merchant, then you should contact us immediately so that we can help you to set-up your online merchant services. We will ensure that you have a safe and secure platform which clients will not be hesitant to trust! Contact us using the form on our website or call us!



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Happy Clients

Having doubts about our merchant services and online payment security services? See our client testimonials and you won’t have them anymore!

I have been using the banking services of North East Security Foundation for a long time now. I am hugely impressed with the high level of the online payment security services offered by the company. 
By Martha C. Smith

Happy Clients

Having doubts about our merchant services and online payment security services? See our client testimonials and you won’t have them anymore!

I was searching for a banking site that could help me in achieving PCI compliance and found North East Security Foundation. They made the process so easy for me that I secured it within a short period of time. I can’t thank them enough!
By George H. Hutchinson