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Over 5 million people in the UK suffer from asthma. Asthma affects the air coming in and out of our lungs. When an asthma attack occurs the muscles around your airways tighten and this makes it difficult to breathe. 

Have you just been diagnosed with asthma? You will probably have many questions about your condition and at we are here to help. When you have been diagnosed with asthma it is worrying but we can explain the condition and help you manage your symptoms.


How to get your inhaler.

Once you are diagnosed with asthma your doctor will prescribe an inhaler. You will be notified by your doctor which inhaler is right for you and how to use it. You can obtain repeat prescriptions from your doctor. They do not need to see you but this can often takes some time to process.

There is another service which is quicker and simple to use. You can order your inhalers on-line at we can supply inhalers online, a convenient choice to help you manage your asthma.

Ordering is simple, complete the contact form at our website and then you complete a short questionnaire telling us about your health. You can then order your inhalers safely and securely. We will check your requirements and then send your replacement inhalers direct to your door. 

 What are the limits for inhalers under the NHS?

Normally you will be supplied with one Salbutamol inhaler every month from your doctor. Most asthma inhalers last for four to six hours. You can obtain further inhalers from

How to get emergency inhalers

At we can supply you with your inhalers for delivery the next day this is ideal for when you are running low and need your medication urgently. All you have to do is tick the next day delivery box and your inhalers will be on their way. 

What private services are available in the UK?

There are many private clinics and online services available for asthma sufferers. However, we have found that the most common worry is running out of asthma medication. Here at ness-foundation we can give you helpful advice on how to manage your asthma and provide your medication, without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

What to do in asthma attack?

Asthma attacks can be frightening that is why at we advise trying to stay calm and follow these steps:-

Take a couple of puffs of your inhaler, sit down and try to take steady breaths. If you are still not feeling better every ten minutes take a couple of puffs. Don't take any more than ten puffs. It should be one puff every 2 minutes.

If you are feeling better try to see your GP within twenty four hours. If you are worried or have not improved after ten puffs, you may need to go to hospital. If going to hospital don't forget to take your medication with you.

How to spot if you are having an asthma attack

Coughing, feeling short of breath, wheezing or tightness in your chest are all symptoms of an asthma attack. Again do bot panic but follow the steps above.


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Here is what some of our customers are saying about

I am so pleased with your service. Your webiste is so easy to use and saves me keep contacting my doctor for my asthma medication. I use ness-foundation all the time now and always find them so helpful.  
By Elise Wheeler
Media director

Happy Clients

Here is what some of our customers are saying about

I do not drive and to get my doctor takes ages. With ness-foundation I can obtain my asthma medication without the trek to my GP. Their service is unbeatable with quick delivery and great prices. I use them all the time now.
By Spencer Francis
Urology nurs